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BlockStarPlanet is a Danish MMORPG/Sandbox video game developed by MovieStarPlanet Aps in 2014. It is also known as BSP.


BlockStarPlanet was formerly known as RoboBlastPlanet (Or RBP). The game was released on July 6th 2014. Most of the things in the game we have today had different names back then.

Back then, the whole point of the game was to build and blast, and things were very different back then as well. Instead of building BlockStars in the game, it was robots players could build.

To this day, the game is best known for its building system. The game also has over 12 million registered users with around 2 million playing monthly.

Name Change

MovieStarPlanet changed the name RoboBlastPlanet to BlockStarPlanet on March 16th 2017[1]. NPCs were given names when the name changed. Chassis were also renamed to Legs.


The whole point of the game is to play and build with friends, and here are some things you can do:

  • Build: Build awesome BlockStars, Worlds, Prefabs and BlockStar Parts.
  • Explore: Explore other builds and creations made by other players.
  • Chat: Chat with friends and message them.

It seems like those are the BSP Basics, some other features include Seasons, Quests, Pets and the Shop.


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  • Kardia Fat/Titan One - Game Interface
  • Core Sans AR 55 Medium - Chat box


  • The original idea for the game was probably created by Thomas Storm.
  • There is some retired music, you can find it by looking up RoboBlastPlanet 2015 and find a video by BlackKnight777. It shows the old menu music before Nexus was released. However, Kinawaiio found it and you can listen to it on his YouTube Channel.
  • The game was made using the Adobe Flash Engine from 2014-2020, which isn’t meant for 3D games.
  • In order to use the 3D models in Flash, they had to use 3DS Max to make the game 3D.
  • The game is programmed with JavaScript.
  • Originally, the game was called “BuilderGame” in early development. But it was later changed later in development.
  • The game was originally supposed to appear on MovieStarPlanet as an extra game (such as casting, crazy cards, etc..), which is why the icon appeared for a short time in 2014.
  • Back then there was a map in the game in the top right, which was removed in early 2016. On the map you could see where the opponents are.

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