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Crystals are flying objects found in worlds used for redeeming and crafting in BlockStarPlanet. It was released on June 5th, 2018.



World Crystals
Name VIP? Amount Necessarily Material
Earth No 5 Handful of Dirt
Sun Yes 20 Sun flare
Air No 10 Gust of Air
Electricity Yes 20 Lightning Spark
Void No 5 Void tear
Mystery No 2 Engima
Lava No 3 Lava core
Moon Yes 10 Piece of moon
Water No 10 Blob of water
Metal No 10 Metalic Sphere
Fire No 10 Firey Essence
Frost No 20 Frozen Flake
Kinetic Crystal No 10 Potent Fuel

Mining Crystals:

Name VIP? Amount necessarily Material
Clay No 10 Perfect sphere
Bone No 10 Ancient Marrow
Core No 15 Core fragment
Radiation No 20 Radioactive goo
Dream No 20 Fleeting memory
Nightmare Yes 50 Dark soul
Nether No 10 Nether core
Inferno No 5 Brimstone

Temporary Crystals:

Name VIP? Amount necessarily Material
Sour Tooth No 5 Sour Acid
Mighty Mint No 5 Mint Acid
Sweet Swirl No 5 Sweet Acid
Candy Cane No 5 Holiday Spirit
Glass Bauble No 5 Cosiness
Cookie Tree No 5 Family Joy
Gold No 2 Gold
Wasabi Egg No 2 Wasabi Powder
Soy Egg No 2 Soybeans
Ginger Egg No 20 Ginger
Chili Egg No 10 Chili Pepper
Matcha Egg No 10 Matcha Powder
Rainbow Acorn No 2 Rainbows
Kawaiing No 5 Kawaiing
Page Fragment No 10 Diary Page
D.A.V.E ian No 20 Wormhole Matter
Metal Scrap No 10 Metal Plate
Driftwood No 10 Wooden Plank
Ghostly Pumpkins No 5 Nefarious Essence
Chocolate Chip Cookie No 5 Sweet Memory
Candy Apple No 5 Nostalgia
Divinity Meringue No 5 Childhood Yearning
Chocolate King No 2 Festive Mood
Shards of Power No 10 Jar of Power
Lucky Egg No 5 Lucky Chocolate
Loving Egg No 5 Loving Chocolate
Buried Egg No 5 Ancient Chocolate
Hidden Egg No 2 Hidden Chocolate
Twisted Egg No 5 Twisted Chocolate
Oyster No 25 Pearl
Giant Clam No 1 Giant Pearl
Sugar Eye No 10 Eye Sugar
Sweet Brain No 10 Brain Sugar
Jelly Finger No 10 Finger Sugar
Sour Ghost No 10 Ghost Sugar
Gummy Worm No 10 Worm Sugar
Phase Crystal No 2 Phase Core
Home Egg No 10 Home Chocolate
Secret Egg No 2 Secret Chocolate
Nexus Egg No 2 Nexus Chocolate
Phytoplankton No 10 Plankton Color
Coconut No 10 Coconut Shell
Blue Moon Jellyfish No 2 Blue Moon Shine


  • The Mystery Crystal is the rarest crystal on BlockStarPlanet.
  • A Parkour Crystal is not a crystal to craft, it is a world special used for checkpoints in parkour worlds.
  • Petting Pets can give players crystals.
  • You cannot find Mining crystals in the Nexus, and vice versa (excluding treasure chest loot)