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This article talks about the VIP Membership in BlockStarPlanet. If you want to look for the MSP and MSP2 version, click here.

This will be shown on your profile page if you are VIP.

The VIP Logo, the badge will be shown on items which requires VIP of any type.

VIP is a premium membership on BlockStarPlanet. Players are not required to have VIP; however, there are many benefits that come with the subscription such as access to a few more features, special privileges, and access to all VIP Weapons, Legs and much more. Additionally, Coins, Diamonds, and sometimes exclusive items come with the purchase of VIP.

There are three different tiers of VIP which are obtainable, which include Regular, Elite and Star VIP. VIP is owned and founded to Caesar Centauri. (Previously Blix and Blox)

Obtaining VIP (BSP)

Making Purchases

Purchasing a VIP Tier can take a few minutes for it to be confirmed. You can purchase it using a Debit/Credit Card, or PayPal or Paysafe Cards or, in the app, by using Google Play or Apple App Store Credit Card.

Building Contests (Exclusive)

Main Article: Building Contests

2022 onwards Building Contests
Contest Build Required Title Required Build Type & Dimensions Reward NPC who requested it When it was requested
None yet (TBA)

VIP Tiers

  • Regular VIP
  • Elite VIP
  • Star VIP

VIP Membership Durations

There are 4 durations of VIP Membership:

  • 1 week
  • 1 month (1 Item)
  • 3 month (2 Items)
  • 1 year (4 Items)

You can increase your duration by purchasing VIP. Exclusive items are included in 1 month or more Elite or Star VIP. The longer the duration of VIP, the more items you get.

Top-up Packages

There are 4 different Top-up Packages:

  • Bronze
  • Silver (1 Item)
  • Gold (2 Items)
  • Diamond (4 Items)

Packages can only be purchased if you have more than 7 days of VIP left. Exclusive items are included in Silver, Gold and Diamond packages.

VIP Benefits and Perks

  • Access to the VIP World.
  • Daily Coins and Diamonds (Elite and Star VIP only).
  • Infinite Crystal Keys for Parkour.
  • Earn extra Coins When Winning In Battle or Parkour (10% more for VIP, 15% more for Elite VIP, and 25% more for Star VIP).
  • Earn extra XP When Winning In Battle or Parkour (50% more for VIP, 60% more for Elite VIP, and 100% more for Star VIP).
  • Give out More Cheers (4 per hour for VIP, 15 per hour for Elite VIP, and 30 per hour for Star VIP).
  • Increase Friend Limit (5x for VIP, 7x for Elite VIP, and 9x for Star VIP).
  • Finish Season Quests.
  • Purchase Pets.
  • Craft VIP Elements (Sun, Moon, Electricity and Nightmare).
  • Purchase VIP Only Blocks, Specials, Legs and Weapons.
  • Get a Golden Friend Bar.
  • Access to The VIP Wheel of Fortune.
  • Access to VIP Photo Special FX.
  • Ability to use "Advanced" mode to build a BlockStar.
  • Ability to use others and your own Skins.


  • VIP is also present in MovieStarPlanet and MovieStarPlanet 2.
  • If you have VIP on BlockStarPlanet, you will also have it on MovieStarPlanet and MovieStarPlanet 2.
  • On the game's monthly contests, the winners all get 1 month, 3 months or 1 year of VIP, Elite VIP or Star VIP.
  • Starting around 2018, if you get 1 year VIP of any kind (or buy a diamond package if you already are VIP), you will get exclusive items.
  • There is another icon for VIP with a blue rim, but it unknown what it is used for. LuisTest16 has this unknown VIP.
  • According to Caesar, he lost VIP before a show.
  • The Mystery Crystal can be found in the VIP World.
  • Blix and Blox were the Former founders but after Caesar was introduced into the game but now they are found chilling in the VIP world.
  • Blix is hidden somewhere in the VIP World.