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Ziggi Starblock is a NPC in BlockStarPlanet. She is a scientist and is also a crystal collector as well, She was introduced in 2018, She also has a lab that lets you redeem crystals from Worlds and Mining in Nexus.

Shared Capabilities

Involvement With Seasons

Season 1

During this season, she was trying to find a way to get out of Blocktek, but however, she failed.

Season 2

During this season, she was on #CLANRITA.

Season 4

During this season, she was sent to Starport Nexia to find her missing dad. But however, she accidentally made D.A.V.E evil and made her dad go to Tropicalypso.

Season 5

She got a ticket to go to Tropicalyspo, so she rushed to the planet and accidentally crashed the ship. Now she has to help find her dad AND find shelter to survive. Fortunately, she got off of Tropicalyspo.

Season 6

She was building a portal base to visit different planets, but she accidentally messed up and went to Candy City instead, and fortunately, she went back to Parkour City.


”Caesar said he toured the planet... I wonder if he saw any new crystals...?”

”Dad said it was silly to collect rocks... Well look at me now

”Crystals = energy. Energy = MORE EXPERIMENTS WOOHOO!”

”No time to waste - gotta do more science!”

”Look out for the big ones - they’re worth a lot of crystals!”

”I need all the crystals you can carry!”

”Hey you ... Could you go fetch me some crystals?”

“I need more crystals to power my next invention!”

”The crystal energy is actually powering all our portals!”

”Some of the crystals are harder to come by!”

”Without crystal energy, we couldn’t create any more Worlds!”

”Be sure to collect all crystals I see - I need them all!”


  • She was the only NPC whose look wasn’t majorly changed.
  • She is possibly based off of Gary The Gadget Guy in CPI. She also seems to be slightly based of Ziggy and Stingy, which are characters from Lazytown.
  • She is the reason why Seasons started in the first place. She found a portal which led to Blocktek, and then this led to endless conflicts to be solved all over the multiverse, thanks to her. Although, Season 17 was the last season.
  • She was in #CLANRITA in Season 2.
  • She has a B.I.T, and it follows her around.
  • She has a dad, and his name is Dr. Starblock.
  • There will be a chance that Ziggi will jump, either randomly, or when you collect a lot of crystals.
  • Out of all the other pages on the wiki, this page seems to be the most edited one out of them all.


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